GTA 6 Easter Egg Found in GTA Online’s New Bottom Dollar Bounties Update

A recent update for GTA Online, the Bottom Dollar Bounties, has introduced new content that has players buzzing. Launched on June 26, this update centers around Maude Eccles’s Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement service, offering players a chance to dive into the bond service and chase down high-value targets.

In addition to the new vehicles, game modes, and cosmetic items, one particular item has caught the attention of the GTA community. The Silver Layered Necklace, seen on protagonist Lucia in the GTA 6 trailer, has appeared in GTA Online.

GTA 6 Easter Egg Delights Fans

Reddit user DogWifDreads posted about the necklace in the GTA Online community, sparking excitement. One user commented, “This is a kind of cool thing to point out. I like that they’re giving us a tiny taste of it.” Another speculated about more items being ported over, noting, “There are some tattoos that are reused, too. Like the 3 smiley faces that become more warped/wavy from the Fooligan DLC on the guy who’s hanging out of the door of the green truck in the GTA6 trailer.”

Rockstar is known for embedding Easter eggs from their previous titles, and this nod to GTA 6 is a delightful addition for fans eagerly awaiting the new game.

GTA 6: The Buzz Continues

GTA 6 remains a hot topic in the gaming world, with its 2025 launch being one of the most anticipated events. Despite challenges like the trailer hack by British teenager Arion Kurtaj, who was later detained indefinitely, excitement for the game continues to grow. The upcoming game promises to return players to Vice City, offering a fresh experience with new characters, settings, and maps.

For a deeper dive into all things GTA 6, including release dates, setting, characters, and more, stay tuned!

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